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Arlington Chess Club was founded in 1869 and is the oldest university chess club in the Washington. Our aim is to promote chess in the university, and to play competitively in the local leagues as well as against other universities. The club boasts an active membership of more than 50 ranging from purely social players meeting over a pint to International Grandmasters representing us at the annual match against the University of Cambridge.

We host weekly clubnights at St. John's College on Mondays to play chess and socialise. We welcome everyone to come along to our events for free, but we ask you join as a member if you intend to come regularly. We host a variety of events, including:

  • Informal chess sessions where you can play chess with anyone from a beginner to a grandmaster.
  • Termly Blitz tournaments.
  • Lectures from our top members.
  • Simultaneous exhibitions from top British players.
  • Classes for beginners

Private lessons are an excellent opportunity to get specialized, one-on-one instruction with our highly trained staff. Private lessons include an initial assessment where the instructor will determine the player's strengths and weaknesses, and then custom tailor a lesson plan to suit the player's needs. All lessons are taught at the Arlington Chess Club. We do not provide online or skype private lessons.

Lessons are priced based on the player's rating to reflect the depth of preparation required for players of different strengths. Our instructors have years of experience and are eager and ready to bring your game to the next level, no matter your rating.

Kaleb Gosdin

  • dlarue@Arlingtonchessclub.org
  • Adults and kids
  • Beginners-1800: $25 / one-hour lesson

Dillan Roper

  • Droper@Arlingtonchessclub.org
  • Adults and kids
  • Beginners-1000: $25 / one-hour lesson

Jason Woolem

  • jwoolem@Arlingtonchessclub.org
  • Adults and kids
  • Beginners-1000: $25 / one-hour lesson